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i7 Technologies Ltd.
Doing what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it

i7 Company Profile

Established in 1999, i7 Technologies and its staff have been promoting a better way to provide IT services and support where they concentrate on the Business needs of their clients rather than the Technical aspects of Information Technology.

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i7 Technologies Limited - Malpas and Welshpool

It's all about YOU...

We found an easy way to sum up what our Company is all about in a single sentence

Choice - We understand that when a Customer contacts us, it is generally because they have a problem or a concern within their business that they think is based around their IT and they would like some help identifying and resolving the problem. As they have chosen to speak to us it is already clear that in their opinion we have the technical knowledge and ability to resolve the problem for them.

Value - When we speak to a client, we ask where they are now, where they want to be and then show them the value of the products and services that we provide.

Responsibility - It is unfortunate that the IT Sector is perceived as 'Smoke and Mirrors' by many. This has been nurtured over the years as a way of trying to show perceived value and expertise. We see IT as simply a tool to help you to provide your products or services to your clients in a way that increases productivity or efficiency and most importantly adds to your profitability.

Honesty - Over 84% of our business comes from recommendations and repeat business from our Customers. We spend a large amount of our time ensuring that any purchase or requirement is going to be a benefit to the Business or individual, if there is no benefit then we advise them to look at an alternative solution whatever that may be.

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We will be delighted to call you back at a convenient time to discuss your requirements.
What can you expect - When you contact us, you can expect an initial discussion on your business and how you think we can help. We will then usually arrange to come and visit your offices or premises so that we can see your business in action. You can contact us by telephone 01948 820787, or email

We are always delighted to get enquiries from new and potential clients, this is how we build our business, by providing refreshingly honest IT services to clients that know the true meaning of value.

How we may help you? - Over the last 13 years, our Customers have told us that the biggest problem that they experienced when dealing with other IT companies is that they are more concerned about "the IT" than the business that it serves.

Our primary objective is help you to be successful, we are here to provide the answers to questions that your Company has about IT and everything connected to it.

We want to make a difference to your business and its success, so if you know where you are going as a business, then the ethos that we have developed of concentrating your goals and looking at IT as just one of the tools you may employ, we can help you to move towards your ultimate success

What we expect from our Customers? - You may think that it is strange to state our expectations of our Customers and Clients but we think that the partnership that we create should be a "Win/Win" for both of us and we therefore we openly ask that our Customers:

  • - Be honest with us, it is difficult to help without the whole story
  • - Talk to us, we can make mistakes but we can only rectify, change and improve with your help
  • - Thank us, take a few seconds to make our day
  • - Pay us, fundamental fact, without money we cannot exist to help you
  • - Recommend us, please help us to move our business forward as well