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We are partners with Acer in the UK and work with them to provide low cost solutions to Business, Home and Education users.

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Acer provide value for money in all aspects of their products. We stock Acer Laptops and Desktops in our demonstration area and they are a popular choice for Home and Small Business users alike.
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i7 Technologies is your local Acer Education Centre

Having worked with Acer products for three years, we became an Acer Education Centre in 2011 and can now provide our education clients with the full range of Acer Education products including whiteboards, projectors, netbooks and laptops together with the special deals associated with Acers educational offering.

If you are interested in the products that Acer has to offer schools and colleges then please contact us for a brochure and initial discussion.

Acer Aspire One - Netbook for Education

Acer Aspire One - designed for Education
Designed to simplify communication and to enhance ease of use, the Acer Aspire One E100 is a great tool for learning. Small and light enough to fit a student’s backpack, it allows students to create or edit content and share it with friends and schoolmates. Especially designed for secondary schools, the distinctive light blue metallic netbook comes with rubber shell to protect it in what is a notoriously harsh environment. Like any schoolbook or exercise book, the Acer Aspire One is provided with a special pocket to insert a student name tag. The 8 hours battery life allows unprecedented freedom as there is no need to recharge during school hours.
We stock a range of Acer Notebooks for Home and Business We stock Acer Desktops for a cost effective IT System