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This is where we spend the majority of our time providing a range of products and services that are based around Information Technology to businesses of all sizes across the UK

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If you are in business, you will know that the the most valuable thing that you have to give is your time. It is the only thing that we all have the same amount of in each day and as such it is also the most precious commodity. It doesn't matter whether you are a consultant, a shop owner, a factory manager or a service based business you know that if you had more time, then you and the business you work for would make or do more and the result would be a more profitable business.

What problems do you face and how much do they cost you? - any of these?

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I don't have the information I want to hand
... a very common occurance, we see this all the time because it is probably the single biggest problem faced by businesses. data is being kept in larger and larger amounts because it is very inexpensive to do so. If you had to pay a penny a month for every email that you held how many would have 5000 messages sitting in their inbox?

business man with computer error

I don't have time for this
... if you had wanted to be an engineer and fix computers then surely that is what you would have set your mind on, the same goes for the shredder, the telephone system, the vacuum cleaner ... these are all small business distractions, they are not what you are there to do

business man needing cash

I know we need to update but ... money makes the world go round, but when you dont have the cash available your business stops. You may desperately need a system, you have it in the business plan you know it makes sense, but you just haven't got the cash now because the bills keep coming in ..

We have answers to these and a lot more... in a box (or two!)

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