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Education Sector

We have always provided Business Grade services to the Education Sector bringing new ideas on ICT Support into the classroom in everything we do

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NEW PRODUCT - PentaClass
We are delighted to be appointed as the first dealer and distributor for the amazing PentaClass sound reinformcement system from Certes Industry. We are so excited about this new product for classroom sound reinforcement that we have setup a website specifically for the product at call us today on 01948 820787 for more information or to place your order

Education Hardware Support

The education sector has historically had to deal with poor levels of support and service and has always accepted these as normal. We decided some time ago that this was not acceptable as we considered that a small school with 100 pupils should be considered in the same way that a small business with 100 employess is. If you consider a secondary school then this is a large business and requires large business solutions and services with the strategy to match.

How many businesses of any size would accept the following?

"We can't fix that computer for 2 weeks"
... in schools, the use of a ICT Technician on a regular rota means that should a failure occur the day after a regular visit you would have to wait for the next one or pay additional charges for an extra visit

"Sorry we aren't allowed to use a ladder"
... we have seen several instances of Projectors that cannot be cleaned because correct training on working at height has not been given or received

"I'll have to report this to the Help Desk and they will get back to you"
... and then you wait .. and wait .. the escalation procedure works in a strict order of time without any reference to urgency

We are delighted to be one of the first ICT Support companies to provide Pay as You Go (PaYG) maintenance services to schools, this allows the smaller school to have same of next business day support for their ICT systems when they need it, with manufacturer trained engineers onsite that can get the job done. You pay only for what you use which can provide large savings on the annual charges that contracted ICT Maintenance attracts.

We have answers to these and a lot more... so whether you want a chat about ICT Strategy, business grade maintenance for your hardware, a backup or cover for your onsite technicians, whiteboards and projector installation and service, a complete state of the art ICT Suite or a saving on your Microsoft Schools Select Agreement then click on the boxes below for more information or call us for a no obligation conversation on your requirements.

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We have developed several Partnerships because of our committment to the Education Sector including close relationships with i-Desk, Fujitsu, Acer, Hitachi and Brother with a specific view to being able to offer the best deals and highest levels of installation, maintenance and support. We invested in Demonstration stock for i-Desk, Fujitsu, Brother, Hitachi and Acer so we can bring these products to your school to give you the very best options for your specific requirements.