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When it comes to protecting your IT systems, we tested all the options against the real world requirements of our Clients and the ESET Range of products out performed the competition at every level

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When it comes to IT Security and protection, we have found that there is nearly always a tradeoff between the speed of your system and the perceived protection that is provided. Because we concentrate on your business, we understand the frustration of slow systems and the concern that virus and malware may get into your business can cause.

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We tested all the major protection systems, not in a laboratory with the latest super fast hardware, but in real world systems that were several years old.
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When we carried out the tests, we found that all the common anti-virus and anti-malware systems would run well on the latest hardware, but when faced with a system that was full of data and programs and which was several years old, they slowed the system down to the point of frustration, and we threfore knew that within a business this would effect productivity.

We created a shortlist of those that worked on older systems and then looked at the results of independant testing and verification of their performance when it came to detecting and removing threats and the looked at the ease of use from the customers point of view.

The results that we found made the ESET product range our choice for the majority of real world situations that we come across with our clients.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus 5 ESET Smart Security 5

ESET NOD32 and Smart Security 5 provide all IT users in all environments with the ability to stop all known threats, and with the ThreatSense® early warning system in place it gives you the confidence that ESET is proactively protecting your business, school or home computers.

ESET Smart Security 5