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When you have the requirements for new Hardware or Software but the budget is not there, then we can offer you finance through one of several partner companies.


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i7 finance solutions
We are aware that every client is different, you may be one that prefers Capital Expenditure and therefore asset purchase is the right option for you, on the otherhand, we are seeing more clients that prefer operational expense through leasing or equipment rental. You may need to move capital to operation expenditure though a lease-back arrangement. All these options are available through our Finance Partners.
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We will be delighted to call you back at a convenient time to discuss your requirements.
Finance and Operational Leasing - Through Fujitsu Finance (part of GE Capital) we can provide attractive lease/rental/purchase options to allow you to have the equipment you need now with options of finance over 1 - 4 years.
If you are purchasing Fujitsu Servers then we can often offer very low rates (including 0% at times). Our online system can give you and answer and offer within 5 minutes.
If you are unsure about the options that are available to you, call Steve Farmer for a introductory discussion with no obligation.
Educational Leasing - We can offer leasing to Schools, Colleges and Universities through our arrangements with SysCap and Blue Stone, they can offer a fast turnaround with decisions within a few hours and when approved, your equipment can be delivered the next working day.
Some Advantages of Leasing - IT Hardware and Software can make a big impact on the Capital in your Company, moving to a lease arrangement releases this capital for projects other than the purchase of IT. You can budget for regular monthly payments over a set period (Capital Expenditure to Operational Expenditure) instead of having a large outlay at upgrade or refresh time.
Lease Back Arrangements - If you have recently invested in new hardware and now could do with the cash for a new venture, our partners can provide Leaseback arrangements where they will buy the equipment from you for an agreed lump sum and then lease it back to you over an agreed period.
We know that some of these options may seem to be complicated, but we have specialist partners on-hand that can talk you through the process and benefits of leasing your IT Equipment, both Hardware and Software (we can even include an element of "soft costs" such as installation and configuration) so call us and let us see if we can help you.