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Hitachi Interactive and projection products are our major focus when it comes to Data Projectors, Whiteboards and interactive use in Schools and Business

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Whether you require interactive products for the boardroom or the classroom, there is a product in the Hitachi range to suit your requirement.

We can supply, install, configure and train you in the use of Hitachi Whiteboard and projector products so you will get the best from the system you purchase.

    The services we can offer include:
  • - Supply only for self-installation
  • - Installation and configuration of Interactive Surfaces and projectors
  • - Maintenance and Cleaning
  • - Replacement Lamps
  • - Training
  • - Whiteboard relocations and moves

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If you are looking for a highly responsive, durable and reliable interactive system, then you cannot do better than the Hitachi Product range. We have been supplying and installing the Hitachi FX range of interactive whiteboards and ultra short throw projectors for many years, we have them in our Demonstration Suite and we provide a demo unit to those interested in trying what we believe to be the premier product in this market.
Why not spend 5 minutes looking at a demonstration of the Hitachi FXTrio Interactive Whiteboard by Nicole Sample from Hitachi Training

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Hitachi Starboard FX Trio

The Hitachi Starboards are available in 4:3 and 16:9 (widescreen) formats so you can match with your laptop or desktop to acheive the best quality and usability for your needs

Hitachi FX-Trio 77 inch Interactive Whiteboard (4:3) Hitachi FX-Trio 88 inch Interactive Widescreen Whiteboard (16:9)
Hitachi Projectors

Whether you are looking for portable or installation projectors, there is a Hitachi Projector to suit

Hitachi ED Ultra Short Throw Projector with Widescreen support Hitachi CPD10 Short Throw portable projector

Above are just two of the numerous options that are available from Hitachi, call us today with your requirement and we can talk you through the range to find a unit that fits your needs.