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If you want the most adaptable, secure and low maintenance system of integrated IT desks for your school or business then the premier i-desk product is by far the most innovative solution for your needs. We also offer the i-Cyber range of pole mounted systems that are ideal for public access areas

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We have been working with i-Desk Solutions for over 6 years having spent a considerable amount looking at the best solution for integrated desks in schools and colleges. When we saw the i-Desk product, we knew that we had found a solution that is as relevant to Business as it is to the Education sector especially where space and security is at a premium. The i-Rise product is a perfect solution in the boardroom as well as the classroom and provides a multi-use facility for training and IT based meetings
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We sell and support the whole range of i-Desk products into Schools and Businesses in the North of England including the i-Classic, i-Rise, i-Cyber, i-Wall, i-Fold, i-Cafe, i-Tutor and i-Fi as well as the more esoteric multiuse furniture such as the innovative i-Sew and i-Wall products.
A few product shots are shown below, please call or email us for details of any of the i-Desk range or for a free, no-obligation discussion on your requirements

i-Cyber Desk - sophistication, security and style for your reception or public area
i-Cyber ICT Desk by i-Desk Solutions through i7 Technologies Limited i-Cyber Group of ICT Desks for Schools and Public Areas
i-Rise Desk - Making the most of your space and resources
i-Rise ICT Desk by i-Desk Solutions through i7 Technologies Limited i-Rise ICT Desk showing Computers in active mode
i-Classic Desk - The patented jigsaw connectivity gives ultimate flexibility for the classroom and office
i-Desk Classic ICT Desk by i-Desk Solutions through i7 Technologies Limited