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Once you have decided on a course of action whatever it may be, a new system, a premises move, an equipment refresh or even a new website then a solid installation plan and execution of that plan is essential to ensure the minimum disruption to your business.


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i7 installation and commissioning
If you are looking for a professional installation service where we take the IT jigsaw of parts and connects them all together then we can help. Depending on the size of the installation and your requirements, we can attend planning meetings, help you to create the project plan, liaise with other suppliers and agencies on the IT requirements and then project manage the installation to ensure that things happen according to your expectations.
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We will be delighted to call you back at a convenient time to discuss your requirements.
Your business may be disrupted by any installation, good planning can ensure that this inconvenience is minimized so wherever possible you continue working.
A typical installation or premises move would take in some or all of the following stages:
  • - Initial Discussions
  • - Setting of Objectives and Targets
  • - Analysis of Equipment
  • - Discussions with other Suppliers
  • - Creation and Agreement of a Project Plan
  • - Actioning of the Agreed Plan
  • - Review and Sign Off