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IT Maintenance

Regular maintenance using manufacturer trained engineers can drastically improve performance and reliability of your IT Systems. We can provide IT maintenance to business and school clients with our team of manufacturer trained engineers carrying out both "break/fix" and preventative work as required to keep your business or school operational


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i7 hardware solutions
We have maintenance options to suit your business needs and your budget. IT Maintenance Contract Leaflet

  • Network Premium
    - Full Support with all preventative and break/fix remote and onsite work included

  • Network Standard
    - Remote Support with onsite charged in addition

  • Prepay (PaYG)
    - Pay up front for a number of hours, call us when you need help

  • Additional Services to meet our requirements
    - We can tailor services for those that need more or don't fit into the above, examples are our remote outsourced helpdesk service, personal monitoring, cover for a specific timed project, cover for long term absence and more. If you have a specific requirement we can tailor a specific service for you
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We will be delighted to call you back at a convenient time to discuss your requirements.
For Schools and Colleges, we can offer any of the standard services and also offer a regular engineer service where we will arrange an engineer to be onsite on a specific rota basis to suit your requirements.

Pay as You Go for Education

We are finding that the "Pay as You Go" option for schools can provide big savings and better service levels as you get an engineer in response to a need for help, rather than waiting for the next scheduled visit. How many times has a problem occurred the day after the scheduled visit and you are faced with either a long wait or an unexpected bill to get the problem resolved?