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We can offer you help and support on all major Microsoft products including Educational Support for licensing Microsoft Products in schools

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We have been Microsoft Partners for over 10 years and are committed to developing solutions for your business that are fully compatible with the Microsoft operating systems.
We can help you and your business with any of the following services:
  • - Licencing - for Business and EES Licencing for Schools
  • - Installation and Upgrade - For all major Microsoft products
  • - Open Licence Agreements - For any Company with more than 5 systems / users
  • - Anti-Piracy Checks - Let us help you to get Legal
  • - Retail Software Sales - All retail products
  • - Server Upgrades and Virtualization - existing systems with Hyper-V
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Things to consider with software licencing

There are three main options for purchasing software for your business with differing pricing options, there certainly is not a single solution that suits all instances. We have detailed the main options for businesses below with a short explanation of each type, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements further.

  • - OEM Licencing - This is the most common form of licencing where a NEW system is provided with an operating system or software product at time of purchase. In the case of an operating system this will mean that that the system has a Certificate of Authenticity stuck onto the case. The reason for the lower price is that responsibility for support of the operating system is with the Manufacturer and not with Microsoft.
  • Advantages - Low Cost
  • Disadvantages - Not transferable, software "dies" with the machine on which it was provided, not supported by Microsoft.
  • - OPEN Licencing - With a few options, this is suitable for situations where multiple licensing is a cost effective solution. Your business is licenced for the relevant number of systems or devices ( Computer / Laptop / Tablet / PDA / Smartphones etc) and licencing centralised for your business. You can take this type of licencing with or without Software Assurance (SA) which entitles you to upgrades as they are released at no further cost.
  • Advantages - Centralised control, can include updates, transferable to new devices when changed, supported by Microsoft
  • Disadvantages - Higher price than OEM
  • - RETAIL Licencing - This is the true "off the shelf" software purchase where you purchase a licence to use the software on one (or in some cases multiple) systems, you can freely transfer the software to a new or alternative system as long as you remove it from the previous one. There are no restrictions to how many transfers that you can make, however you may have to contact Microsoft when reinstalling to have the software unblocked for activation.
  • Advantages - Transferable to new / alternative devices, simple purchase option, supported by Microsoft
  • Disadvantages - Higher price

Our view on illegal Software in business

Your operating system is the software that runs your business. We have seen many Companies over the years that have decided to risk their business by using counterfeit / illegal software within their business. We have one response to this, to inform the company that this is a the case and offer to assist them to become legal users of the software. In the vast majority of cases, the Company is not even aware that they are using illegal / unlicensed software so we work with them to resolve this using "Get Genuine Kit" offered by Microsoft. If for any reason the Company does not want to become legal then we do not work with them further.