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Microsoft Office 365

Is Microsoft Office 365 a solution that fits your business requirements?

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The Big Question - Is Microsoft Office 365 for you?

With the era of Virtualisation and Cloud Servers upon us, it has never before been as easy to outsource both hardware and software from your business and use the capital you save for better purposes.

We are proud to announce an introduction to Microsoft's Office 365 which allows you to do exactly this

Office 365 is the true mobile office with the support of both i7 Technologies and Microsoft behind you all the way, ensuring that you get the best support both locally and from the largest provider of software into business in the world today

Microsoft Office 365 offers subscription level agreements giving you options that suit your business as it is now, but with the ability to grow with you to almost any size.
The services start from the basic cloud hosted emails to full access to the whole Office professional 2010 suite. Helping you choose the plan that best benefits your organisation.

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