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Microsoft SPLA Software Rental

Would renting your Microsoft Software be a solution that fits your business requirements?

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The Big Question - Is Renting your Microsoft Solution for you?

We believe that this type of rental arrangement will become the normal method of software provision within a few years and we are excited about the possibilities that it has for you and your business, these include:

  • - Always have access to the latest versions of Microsoft Products
  • - No capital expenditure requirement
  • - Monthly, flexible agreement
  • - Increase and decrease licences according to business needs
  • - Low operating costs
  • - Can be bundled with Maintenance services

More and more businesses are moving away from the capital investment required for a large (or small!) server and software and are using a more short term approach of leasing or renting their hardware and software.

The idea of leasing hardware has been around for many years, providing options for spreading the cost of server hardware and software over several years rather than having the impact a single large payment can have on cash and cashflow

You may already have looked at a hosted or cloud solution for email and office products like Microsoft Office 365 but this may not suit your requirements as it is a shared solution hosted on central servers that give rise to security concerns for many businesses, " where is my data held?" is one of the most common questions that we get asked.

We are proud to be able to offer you access to almost all of the Microsoft Software products on a rental agreement that means you can add and remove products and licences on a monthly basis offering you the maximum flexibility, and hosted on hardware that is either in a datacentre as a central shared resource, or we can rent you a dedicated server for your use that means that you know that we are looking after your data for you.

If you want even more local access, then we can put a server in your offices under the same agreement so you will rent the server and software together and it will be located where you can see it

There are several models of licencing for SPLA, these include PER USER and PER PROCESSOR and are applicable to different types and sizes of business, small businesses will generally be interested in the USER based licencing, especially if they are growing. If you have large numbers of users then a Per Processor based option can be more economic for your business, but we are happy to discuss and tailor a solution to your business, contact Steve Farmer on 01948 820787 for details of how we can help

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