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Hardware Migration

If your current hardware is not powerful enough for your needs, or you need to replace old unreliable hardware with new equipment we can help

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Migration of Multiple Servers into a single server
Migration is often thought to be a term used for changing servers, however we use it when any client is moving from one piece of hardware to another, and we believe that the planning of such a change is critical to the success of the project.

If you are thinking to moving to new server, clients, laptop or storage then we can help at all levels with the creation of detailed plans, the correct selection of new hardware and where applicable we can help you and your business to take advantage of new technologies such as virtualization and modern storage techniques such as Storage Area Networks (SAN) with iSCSI connectivity

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Migration Cycle of planning,testing,implemetation and review
Planning - the basis of every successful project is at the core of our migration strategy. We will take into account how your business operates, making sure that any work carried out has minimal impact on your income. We will carry out appropriate investigation into your current hardware and produce a detailed plan of how the migration will take place. Although a regression plan is often seen as negative planning, having the ability to keep your business operational is far more important in our eyes so we include this in our migration planning.
Testing - following mutual agreement of the plan and if it provides value to the migration, an implementation testing phase will be arranged which may include dry runs, virtualised workshop and regression testing where we can create an environment as colse as possible to your original to ensure the best possible chance success with the minimum of surprises (we realise that even the best migration plans will not be 100% accurate). For significant migrations, a final work order will be provided so that you can see the work that is to be carried out and the responsibilities of any third parties that are involved.
Implementation - The successful implementation of a planned and tested migration may include a number of our engineers, working at the designated times as a team to complete the migration with as little impact as possible to your business. On completion of the physical migration, we would normally be on hand when your new system(s) go live to ensure that any changes or issues following the work are dealt with in a timely fashion.
Review - Almost every migration is different and therefore we carry out an internal review following each project. This allows us to constantly improve our internal processes and learn from each implementation. We welcome feedback from you as our clients and therefore we are always delighted to carry out a review of the project with you.