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Netgear ReadyDATA

Enterprise Class Storage solutions with deduplication and 10G networking as standard on the 5200 range but without the Enterprise Price Tag

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Netgear ReadyDATA 5200 Head and Expansion chassis with Logo
Click here for the case study with ReadyDATA 5200 in Bishop Heber High School, Cheshire
The Netgear ReadyDATA Storage Solution provides Enterprise class solutions with many of the "extras" included as standard and at a price that is certainly not Enterprise.

ReadyDATA 5200 is the flagship product that offers deDuplication , 10G networking and iSCSI as standard

4 minute Video Datasheet for the ReadyDATA 5200

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In Brief...

NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200 is the new Enterprise Grade storage solution that is priced and designed with Small and Medium size business storage needs in mind.

The base system (head) is a 2U rack mount enclosure that supports 12 3.5” drives and up to 36TB Raw Capacity (using 3Gb SATA Drives) but with the addition of two 4U expansion bays can scale to 60 drives (180TB)

ReadyDATA 5200 as a Backup and Disaster recovery Solution Whitepaper - Click HereReadyDATA 5200 supports SATA, SAS and SSD drives to support the varying performance needs of your business or school.

The ReadyDATA platform ships with Netgears own ReadyDATA OS, which enables enterprise capabilities including data deDuplication, unlimited snapshots, and constant data replication, all of which are included as standard in the ReadyDATA 5200

Your questions answered..

What are the unique features and benefits of the ReadyDATA Systems overall?

    The key global benefits are:
  • - Instant provisioning and instant expansion
  • - Thin and Thick provisioning options for iSCSI
  • - Unlimited snapshots for data protection
  • - Real-time Block level replication (Managed from the cloud portal)
  • - De-dupe and compression
  • - Support for 60 Drives of SAS, SATA and SSD
  • - Hybrid volume support with SSD + SATA for performance and economy
  • - Simple, web based user interface for storage management
  • - RAID 0,1,5,6 and 10 support
Click to see the Netgear ReadyDATA 5200 Raid considerations white paper
What are the specific features and benefits of the ReadyDATA 5200?
  • - Large storage capacity: Expandable beyond single chassis.
  • - Use of different type of drives for performance or capacity.
  • - Efficient in-built data protection with unlimited data snapshots and instant recovery options.
  • - Unified storage with one system for both SAN and NAS requirements.
  • - Storage efficiencies built in that include Data De-duplication and Compression.
  • - Highest performance connectivity with Redundant 10GbE networking support (SFP+) and virtual networking for multi-VLAN support.
  • - High Compatibility that is Microsoft Certified for iSCSI and clustering support and VMware certified for NFS and iSCSI

What is the ReadyDATA EDA4000?

The EDA4000 (Expansion Disk Array) is a cost effective enclosure that supports 24 x 3.5” drives to extend the capacity of a ReadyDATA 5200 to up to 60 drives, a maximum of two EDA4000 expansion units can be connected with a single ReadyDATA 5200

Click for information on Netgear ReadyDATA Disk Packs

Can we use other vendors Hard Disk Drives?

No, the ReadyDATA 5200 only support NETGEAR shipped HDDs to guarantee the quality and compatibility of drives with the 5200’s ReadyDATA OS.

Are there any additional costs for the ReadyDATA’s advanced features such as Snapshots, De-Dupication, Compression and Real-time Replication?

NO, All the enterprise features in ReadyDATA come at no additional cost.