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Software is the final stage of your system, ensuring that you have the correct information available to you to run your business. We provide software services from configuration of 'off the shelf' packages to designing and writing complex systems that make sense of the data that is collected.


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i7 Software Solutions
We have a wide experience of designing, building and configuring software systems that can take in information from your business, store it and then allow you to analyse it so that you can make the most of the information when making decisions within your business.
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We have worked with both large and small systems companies to create applications and systems that are both easy to use and meet the clients requirements, using standard waterfall or prototyping to develop bespoke applications as required. We can integrate with existing systems to add functionality and are experienced in specifying interfaces to hardware systems that can be developed by others.

Integrate with Intuit QuickBooks

If you are looking for software that integrates with Intuit QuickBooks, then we can create systems from small utilities that increase producivity, to creating complex systems that include the use of QuickBooks to create invoices, track parts and provide a unified solution for your business.